Social Study

I'll do $10.01, gonna pull a Price is Right on Harm
Ice cold man. If you really don't want them anymore, bring them to the shop. I'm sure one of us would be happy to relieve you of your burden.
First Bidder (harm) : $10.00

Second Bidder (badgeman): $10.01

Third Bidder (lavan): $10.03

Fourth Bidder (Me): $0.01

Actual retail value of the shoes in question is...

I Win.
Plinko please !


"Are you billy o'reilly naw you only rilleying me up,for ten years they had me peeing out a cup"-Jay-Z
Stopped through the shop for the first time on Friday. Saw the Griffey's in the window and thought I had a good chance on getting my size. They didn'thave 'em, but looked like a cool shop. I work out there now, so I'll be in there on the regular.
All I meant was dude couldn't come back in looking for a straight up return on them, which it seemed like he was hoping for. We still have our pair ondisplay, no need for two.
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