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Ice cold man. If you really don't want them anymore, bring them to the shop. I'm sure one of us would be happy to relieve you of your burden.
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First Bidder (harm) : $10.00

Second Bidder (badgeman): $10.01

Third Bidder (lavan): $10.03

Fourth Bidder (Me): $0.01

Actual retail value of the shoes in question is...

I Win.
Plinko please !

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"Are you billy o'reilly naw you only rilleying me up,for ten years they had me peeing out a cup"-Jay-Z
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Stopped through the shop for the first time on Friday. Saw the Griffey's in the window and thought I had a good chance on getting my size. They didn'thave 'em, but looked like a cool shop. I work out there now, so I'll be in there on the regular.
Joined Oct 3, 2003
All I meant was dude couldn't come back in looking for a straight up return on them, which it seemed like he was hoping for. We still have our pair ondisplay, no need for two.
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