**SOLD** Nike Tech Fleece Pants sz M

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  1. krispykicks718


    Feb 6, 2004
    Worn 1x for about an hour. Much too slim on me. Washed once, could easily pass as new.

    - I've been on this board for over 10 years. I've done 100's of deals and have no intentions of scamming anyone, so i'd like to continue doing smooth transactions.

    - Only accept paypal or cash in meetups.

    - Located in NYC. Willing to meet up in NYC area and possibly NJ for the right deal.

    - Everything listed is For Sale/For Trade: Trade list featured below but will listen to anything reasonable in sizes 9.5-10 (i.e. if the values match up! no crackhead offers like "hey want my worn 17 times Jordan 6 rings plus cash for these mean.gif")

    - For all trades YOU ship first. Unless you can prove 1000000% that your a trusted seller and maybe I'll consider.

    - I will send EXTRA photos if the item is NOT DS and you are a SERIOUS buyer.

    - BEST way to contact me is via e-mail at [email protected] please do NOT reply to this post just PM me or email me.

    [Trade list - DS or VVVNDS only:]

    - Air Jordan Retro's in size 9.5 ONLY (Except for Air Jordan 1, which would be size 10)

    - Nike Basketball size 10 (very rarely can i fit a 9.5)

    - Nike Sportswear Size 9.5-10 (depends on shoe)