Sole Munki

Apr 7, 2005
I am in Atlanta unitil Saturday. I need to know how to get to Sole Munki. I need an address, streets and landmarks.

Sole Munki
123 Luckie St. Suite 138A
Atlanta, GA 30303
biz #- (404)-420-0296

its right across the street from a super 8 motel...
if ur comin from 75 south, get off at the georgia dome exit, and take the road straight until it dead ends at a red light, you will go threw about 2 red lights... turn left... then as soon as you have turned, veire right, its kinda a triangle thing... then you continue up past one red light and there will be a road on ur right after the red light, turn right onto it, this is cone street... right after you pass the parking area on the right, sole munki is right on your right across from the super 8 motel...

coming from 75 south... get off at the edgewood exit... take a left... continue straight... it will run into peachtree street, you cant turn on peachtree street, so continue striaght, and turn right onto marrieta street... take marrietta street down about 3 red lights, to cone street... turn right onto cone street, and you will go through 2 redlights, and sole munki is down on you left, across from the super 8 motel...
^^^ great support dustin... your a helpful person
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i tryed to go there on a monday while in atl but they are only open for appoitments on mondays it broke my heart lol
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