Sonic CD to re-released...with Japanese soundtrack!

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Thursday Aug 25, 2011
[h2]#SegaPAX – Sonic CD Announced![/h2]

Today we are happy to announce that Sonic CD will debut on mobile phones and consoles everywhere! Originally released for the SEGA CD system in 1993, and included the first appearance of fan favorite characters Metal Sonic and Amy Rose. Big news for fans everywhere, Sonic CD is coming to digital platforms with music from theoriginal Japanese soundtrack. The beloved prequel to Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, iPhone and iPod touch, iPad, PC Digital Download, Android, and Windows Phone! Best of all, Sonic CD will be available for download in late 2011!
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I never got the chance to play the original so I will def cop this on PSN.
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Originally Posted by blacklion23

This is great news! I always wanted this as a child but never got it.

Same here.
Day 1 buy, don't care the price.
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I'll get it for the ipod
I got this game on my laptop...I already got the game for the sega cd system as well. Burned the game mixing the american soundtrack with the japanese track
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OMG I remember this game. I used to play it on the handheld sega console. What was it called?
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Sorry for the bump guys. I just finished playing Sonic CD for the first time. I never owned the game back in the day but always wanted it. I'm a big fan of the Sonic franchise. Sonic CD may be my favorite of the series behind Sonic and Knuckles. I bought the game the other day for my iPhone 4 and just beat it. The past and future feature is
! I enjoyed every level even the Special Stage. I can imagine myself playing this game over and over again if I had it as a kid. I plan on playing with Tails later in hopes of unlocking the last few achievements. Hopefully Knuckles will be available for play oneday.

Japan soundtrack>US
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Didnt know this was happening. Getting it. Sonic The Hedgehog 4 was bad I didnt even finish it. When will they learn that no one wants stupid *@* Homing Attack in the game

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downloaded it yesterday. it felt good to play this for the first time since my sega cd broke in 1996.
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