Sources: Jordan to coach Sixers

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Eddie Jordan has been hired as the new coach of the Philadelphia76ers.

NBA coaching sources told on Friday night that the Sixers have reached an agreement with Jordan, who along with Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Dwane Casey were the only candidates to beinterviewed twice.

The other known candidates were Boston Celtics assistant TomThibodeau and Sixers scout Chris Ford. The Sixers informed Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis this week he was no longer a candidate.

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How is this misleading? Unless you don't follow basketball or don't care about any other team besides the ones ESPN shoves down your throat.

I'm glad the Sixers picked him up, preventing the Kings from making the mistake of hiring this dude. Yeah he wasn't given a fair shake, but what has hereally done?

chi ill

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I thought you were talking about MJ .

I was about to say ... "he needs to come over & coach the damn Bulls but Paxson is a hater ."

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i think if a topic referring to anyone named Jordan in this forum should always have his complete name, because people here will always think MJ if we see"JORDAN" regardless of the subject.
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Anyone who thought this was about Michael is just an idiot.

People REALLY thought the title was misleading?!?

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At least it's better than casey, Im happy with the hire...our offense will be waaaaay better, as long as he doesn't mess up our defense we will improve
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Originally Posted by pr0phecy718

Originally Posted by K2theAblaM

Misleading title.
not really LOL.... how coud you really think MJ associate w/ 76ers? especially when he's still with the bobcats??
exactly. if you guys thought this was mj, then you guys are not paying attention to ball.
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