South FL FAU students

I know several of people who go there who are sneakerheads. I don't go there, though...
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jen you goin to school there? i thought u were still in high school :lol:
. time flies
my girl goes there..shes worn pusheads and other stuff...she said the first day she saw a girl rocking tiffs..was that u bana?..
yea that was me.. 1st day of school i hyped it and pulled out the tiffs. lol. what year is she in?

and yea jd, im a college biatch now!! hahah you still going to school there?
israel Chai.
My homegirl is into shoes but nothing heat. She goes there, I go to pbcc. Hit me up we'll do lunch or something.
ive seen a couple girls with heat.. this one girl is always in jordans..
israel Chai.
my girl is a freshmen there

i rocked diamonds for my first day of school as well ..from what i hear theres quite a few "sneakerheads" at fau
i'm goin back in the spring...sorta took some time off to work full time, save $$ etc...that's cool though. i'll prolly see u up there later on. :D

i stay thuggin in med school at barry... no one else rocks heat ever.
just some fake XIs here and there at that campus.
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so... who saw those dudes selling a table of fakes today in the breezway?
israel Chai.
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