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I REALLY NEED someone' help on getting this leftover glue off. Apparently it was from a previous sneaker doctors work and it's really bothering me. I don't know what kind it is. It's hardened. And Also any other ways to polish the patent leather back to it's original finish. Thanks!
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OMG, what did you done with them?
did u glue them by yourself carelessly?
I repaired all my 2000/2001 retros and they barely show any glue marks
like those.
The patent leather looks terrible, but that depends on the leather they used.
I remember there have been several pairs in our store where they looked like
that, totally rough and not smooth and glossy.

when glueing your soles try to avoid harming other areas of the surface.
Also brush and blow all sand and other dirt remains from the area you
apply the glue.
Make sure to press fiercely.
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I didn't do this work I got this in a trade a night and I was careless without looking. The guy said he got this off a previous sneakerdoctor...Which has doen a %%!!$* job i need to repair obviously so does anyone know how I can get this off. and the patent leather is shiny on the other shoe but not on this one
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^If that's the case, the guy probably already tried to remove the excess glue with some abrasive like acetone or xylene...
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lulz, that's a horrible job brah. I'll give you 10 bucks for them. Will be waiting for pm
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that is ridiculous... i have nothing to say about how to get it off. normally i just scrub it off with one of those little eraser things in shoe cleaning kits, but i think that would make it A LOT worse haha
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Man %%#! orange peel and no more shine on those patent leather. How does that happen? Anyone know what causes it?
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I tried using a heatgun to melt the glue and hopefully loosen it up a bit so it'd be easily removable but I didn't go that high of a temperature since I was afraid of the patent leather becoming damaged.


formerly bay1591
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either leave them outside on a hot day or use a hair dryer and point it and start tearing off the sole carefully...what size btw?
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