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Joined Dec 22, 2009
im watching fox news live channel (not regular fox) and there is a dude on there looking at fine print papers(whole pages) and claiming he can read them in less than 1 second literally.
He is just running his hand down the page, and flipping it, and on to the next one. My question is can someone really do this, or is this a sham. the guy stops to talk, and sounds really dumb, its hard to believe he can read at least 500 words in a second
Joined Aug 15, 2005
You can actually train to speed read to certain degree... I don't know about a whole page in one second though.
I remember reading about rain man (Kim Peek) speed reading 2 pages on a book at once, but the guy was a savant which is not too fair.

There are softwares out there that supposedly trains you to speed read.
Wiki has a decent article about it all as well:
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