Speeding ticket.. need help!!

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So I got a ticket last night for speeding 
. The officer said that I was going 74mph on a 50mph road. The speed limit for New York is actually 65 mph on the highway. But he still wrote 50mph going 74mph. If somebody goes over 21mph over the speed limit in New York they will have to go to do the driving lessons and they'll add 6 points to my license.  I really don't mind if I went 10 mph over the limit cus that won't mess up my record.. so how do I prove that the Police officer was wrong about The speed limit?
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Good luck Bro! You can never beat a F#*ken officer. Whether He's right or wrong.

What are the Odds?..... Officer will always "WIN"!!!! Just Plea Guilty and be Honest! That is the only way the Judge will lower ur Ticket!

By the way, How much was ur Ticket for?
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Do this.. It works in CALI maybe it will work in NY.. 3 days before your ticket is due, get an extension. If you get an extension, 3 days before that extension is due, request a court hearing. If the cop doesnt show then you win. If he shows then you gotta pay the ticket, plus some fees and traffic school. Cops dont like going to court for a speeding ticket. So they forget or dont show up.
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Originally Posted by ListenHere

Um, go back to the road where you were pulled over and find the posted speed limit. Snap a pic. Go from there.
This. But damn that's at least 400 bucks in LA after all the extra fees.
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if ur sure it's 65 where you got caught go get proof and you'll have no problem...

if it's your first offense, speak your case with the prosecutor and maybe he'll go easy on you...
if he seems unwilling the day you go to court to lessen the charges then plea not guilty, that'll push the date back and u can get urself a lawyer...
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If this is your first speeding ticket or you have not had one in the last 18 months they'll reduce it to parking tickets and make you go to school
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