Splinter Cell Conviction

Joined Jul 25, 2006
Anyone pick theirs up today?  I hope I'm not the only one.  It received a 9.3 by IGN and looks to be unlike any other splinter cell game so far.
Joined Apr 1, 2009
I heard the Co-op makes up for the length though.
I bought it today but can't play till tomorrow because I gotta study
Joined Aug 20, 2003
I'm gonna buy it this summer off eBay when i have more time to play and dudes are selling theres from being tired of playing.... I've been playing NBA 2K10 so much I haven't even finished Lost & Damned or Ballad of Gay Tony.

I love EVERY splinter Cell game... its like i never want them to end you know.

dudes saying its horribly short I'm assuming either burned it and played on easy mode... or just went hard on it and or purchased the user guide

I always play it on the hardest setting and I never purchase the book. Love the story lines and i've always been a fan of the series.
Joined Jul 12, 2009
Splinter Cell is a dope series, really enjoyed playing every splinter cell game,

I gotta cop this game and see for myself
Joined Apr 19, 2008
i was playing it at my friend's house and the game just

kept freezing the 360 and dumping him to the dashboard
Joined Jun 30, 2003
i prefer Splinter cell to Metal Gear .. w/ that being said.. i'm looking forward more to the co-op than the single player

ign gave it a 9.3 ... i was very hyped and expected more but sam fisher still > ur favorite stealthy character
Joined May 28, 2009
Only like 5 hours long, and with the co-op reviewers say that you might be able to squeeze 18 hours out of it. I'm a HUGE splinter cell fan (Pandora Tomorrow) but this is an easy pass for me.
Joined May 28, 2009
And why they make a highly anticipated game 5 hours, we shall never know. I'm not hatin' imjustsayin
Joined Jul 25, 2006
Love the story lines and i've always been a fan of the series.
Never read the books but the plot of the games are insane.

Just played 30 minutes and it does not seem like a splinter cell game.  It doesn't even pay off to be stealthy.  That said I like it so far.

The cover system is one of the tops I have used so far.
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