Spooky News: I'm in the Metro today...sorta.

Dec 8, 2003
So a friend of mine has a column in one of the free daily papers in Toronto. She needed some help with a story so she asked me about a spooky workplace situation.... this is what it said.

Boo! Workplace can be scary place
Scary situations can occur anywhere, anytime, even at work. Here are a few true scary stories for Halloween:

Andrew Miller, 26, accepted a dinner date from an admirer, a secretary from another floor at the hospital where he worked.I guess she sort of liked me and decided that she was going to get my number. But she didnt ask me for my number, she got it from the scheduling book! said Miller, who was surprised but flattered.
They went out for dinner, which was completely awkward and I was pretty clear to her that I wasnt really interested by the end of it.
However she knew where he worked and even had access to his work schedule.
On the days she knew I was working, she would call my work phone until I picked up. I hid in the staff lounge during my break times so that I wouldnt bump into her anywhere in the hospital. One time near the end of my shift she showed up on my floor and waited for me to finish so that we could ride home together on the TTC!
Lesson learned.

I just hope no one from work actually reads it.
you put your real name in??? man that is risky especially work related stuff
"yao know what i ming"
formerly shoeWUfreak
Get on HR asap :rofl:

Seriously, I've seen only 1 workplace relationship work out but that couple dated prior to working together. Otherwise once the relationship went sour and add to that workplace politics and your life's an open book to complete strangers who'll judge even though they don't have a clue about you.

I fully thought she wasn't going to use my real name or take the story out of context. Oh well. The world is filled with Andrew Miller's, so far no one has noticed.
So I just got a call from work, a few of the nurse saw the article in the Metro and wanted to know if it was me.

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