Sportchek employees check in....

Mar 25, 2006
Title pretty much sums it up.

Where do you work, which department and what not.

- Richmond Hill, Hillcrest mall here. Footwear.

Just got some Jordan XXII in stock yesterday. Real surprise about that. Most likely will use my 50% on those.
From the city of T.O​
I work for FGL ...
Latest Pickups: Nike Paul Rodriguez 2 - "P-Rod 2's" (white/black), Nike Air Trainer 1 SB (bamboo/black)
I'm thinking at applying to the one at Markville pretty soon. Need a summer job. Any tips?
Sportchek isn't bad. Especially with the good commission. However, it does get hectic at times and such.
The 50% off kicks is appealing if you work in footwear.
From the city of T.O​
Checking in!
Sportchek- Park Royal (West Vancouver)
That's my word

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Your not "Leo" are you?

Just Curious or do you know the guy.

What about Quintin,is he still up in there.

P.S. - No I have never ever worked for sportcheck.
Faith !
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Baby J​
BabyJordan0312 no I am not Leo..haha
And yeah Quintin is still around.
How do you know them?
That's my word

-=Team RealTalk=-
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