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Jun 22, 2000
[h1]No more "Player A > Player B" threads.[/h1]

They are pointless and lead to people just trying to incite e-riots (i.e. Kobe = Calbert Chaney).

We can have a functional Sports Forum without them.

[h1]Game day threads? Wait untill both teams are ready, please.[/h1]

Please wait until BOTH teams have EACH completed their previous games before making a thread about an upcoming game. Pretty simple. Whether it's a leaguewhere teams play one game a week, or a league where teams play many games throughout the week ... wait until both teams have completed their previous game.

Let's say:
- NEXT Saturday, the Pioneers play the Knights for a VERY important game
- THIS Saturday, the Knights have a bye week, but the Pioneers play the Mustangs.

Wait until the current Pioneers/ Mustangs game has completed before making a thread for the upcoming Pioneers/ Knights game.

No point in jumping the gun and starting the discussion for a game that the two teams aren't even ready to play. We don't need a ton of threads for allthe different games that are going to be taking place in all the different leagues a month from now. And your team doesn't get any more points if you makethe thread before anyone else.

Hold your horses. Calm your nerves. Wait until both teams are done with their previous games, please.


[h1]Constant Trolling In Threads Will Get You Banned.[/h1]

This is really becoming a problem. We're going to drop the hammer on fools now.

[h1]Use only the ACTUAL team names or players names in thread titles[/h1]Save the trash talking nicknames for INSIDE the thread, and leave the thread title forthe actual names or cities or players (in the case of tennis matches and boxing matches, etc.)

Save 'Queens' for inside the thread; use 'SAC Kings' or 'Sacto Kings' or just 'Kings' for the thread title.

We need thread titles to be clear so that everyone knows that the thread exists and what it's for. And if there's a thread title with'Crappers' in it (for the Clippers), then it's not clear to EVERYONE that it's a game thread made for the Clippers vs. Whoever.

Save the nicknames for inside the thread; leave the thread title for actual names and cities and players, etc.

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