spots in myrdel becah south carolina

Dec 26, 2005
sorry..if its wrong not sure which post it goes to..but does anyone know if myrdel beach got any good spots down there?..thanks..if needed be..please move dis post or w/e
No spots.

Just the malls with Footlocker, Finishline, etc in them, and the Nike outlet...
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bro i was JUST there last week...

NO SPOTS, theres a skate park/surf shop on us 17, i walked in at least expecting some sort of sb account..


better off at the beaches, and the girls are :wow:

thier outlets suck.

ooh haha aiight thanks for da im glad i didnt save my money and passn on da mars for this trip
man you butchered myrtle beach

but as they spots...just fun at the beach and lovely young ladies
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there is a Puma outlet with a few disc blazes at tangers. saw them this weekend, but weren't my size so i didn't cop.

myrtle beach succs in general....minus the seafood buffets,,thats damn good eating right there

Headed to Myrtle Friday through Monday if any NTers are dropping in lemme know

Be meeting up with ya for sure bro, get at me somehow! You got my number.

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