spots in the bay for brake pads?????????

Feb 20, 2003
I gotta change the brake pads on my integra gsr and most spots are charging around 200 for just the front. I was thinking about going to midas since they have those advertised deals.

does anyone else in the bay know of spots that change pads for a good price?

T R A N S F O R M E R S​
Go to Golden Auto Muffler in S.F. or Daly City. The one in s.f. is on folsom. Ask for Mike. The one in d.c. is on mission. Ask for Joe.
200 is about the price yur gonna pay for pads and rotors. if yur just looking for pads u can do that yur self. i think midas only has lifetime brake pad, not rotors but im not sure.
just buy a repair manual and do it yourself. it's pretty easy and you'll save tons in the future.
Dont ever go to midas.

And yes, brakes are one of the easiest things you can fix yourself on your car.

I can do it for you, for a small fee. lol :smokin
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