Spots in the Bronx?

Jul 7, 2006
Sup guys, this summer I'll be doing an internship at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.Are there any spots in the immediate area that I should check out?

And what's the surrounding neighborhood like? I'm totally unfamiliar w/ the Bronx, so I have no idea what to expect. Thanks in advance for all the help/advice.
nah, not around there no spots, that place is quite to, its not ghetto like the rest of the bronx, but if you ever head to monitfiore(i no they related), hit up jerome ave and gun hill they got a few stores.
Go to Frankie and Johnies on Bronxdale Ave if you're looking for some good Italian food. One of the best in the area.
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Tosca is awesome for drinks and good brick oven pizza. I agree with Frankie & Johnnies. The section of the Bx you will be in is straight. There is a bar across the street from Einstein call Gleasons that has pretty decent drinks also, DJ on the weekends.
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There's a bus the stops right in front of the hospital which I would think is the one you will be taking there unless you drive. You can take it to Westchester sq. There a few places to eat there, a footlocker and a small Mom and Pop shop by the 6 train.
Not to highjack but... Hows the housing prices in this area? Looking for affordable places not in Manhattan.
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