May 27, 2006
Hey guys, I'll be coming down from Montreal with my AAU team I coach for the Basketball HOF Tournament on July 10th.
Just wanted to know what's in the area (sneaks, gear, food, etc.) Thanks!
Take the trip to Boston, Springfield is horrible IMO. It's a grimey place in the middle of nowhere.
What happened to the good ol' days.......?
Springfield is horrible IMO. It's a grimey place in the middle of nowhere.
Man, i havent gone to Springfield yet. I heard there's mad spanish chicks. What's really good with Springfield? I'm trying to go up there
Save yourself a trip. I've been there for 6 years now, Springfield has nothing to brag about, People or Places. City is just awful. Something like 19th most dangerous in the nation. Now nothing has every happend to me, but I don't go putting my nose in anyones business. News at night stays reporting on shootings and stabbings. Most everyone in the city walks around like the world owes them something. But yea there aren't really any good shops, nothing you couldn't really get anywhere else. Some local spots have some older stuff, but it's a crap shoot with your size.
It's like a Mailman going for a walk on his day off​
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Basketball Hall Of Fame is there I think..I havent been there in a ill minute though
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The NOR got your PM, thanks!
Thanks everyone for the info, can't wait to check out the HOF. If any of you guys decide to make a road trip to Montreal let me know and perhaps I could fill you in.
^^^^^^^By saying grimey, I wasn't just talking about the crime situation etc. The whole vibe/atmosphere and visual aspects of Springfield is "grimey". That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Springfield, MA., so maybe me using that to describe it has different meaning. I don't know, that city is just wack and not somewhere enjoyable to visit. Just my opinion.
What happened to the good ol' days.......?
First time checking the regional forums. Just wanted to check in. I'm from Springfield and it's definately not the worst place in the world. It IS where basketball was invented and home of the Hall of Fame. Some dangerous streets, but as a whole not that bad. If you know how to mind your own business, then you would have no prob dealing with Springfield!
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