*** SPZRKT - THE LONER *** The new Frank Ocean?

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Whose style is he stealing? I think it's just a new sound in rnb that everyone is running with.

he actually tagged his music as Christian Rap though
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Music isn't that bad, I'll DL the album. You can def hear the similarities to Frank, as well.

Edit: Nevermind, I ain't buying that **** :lol:
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I seen a thread like this on another forum and real talk this dude is hella boring. I skipped the first song and the second and I hate you for getting my hopes up
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I heard this last week but I'm posting now. I actually gave dude's album a solid listen and it didn't impress me at all.. I'm tired of hearing artists who are literally just impersonations of other artists. If I wanted to hear The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Miguel, etc I would go listen to their music.

I tried to find some common thread or theme in his lyrics and I couldn't. In one line he's talking about how Jesus saved him, and in the next line he's talking about I'm rolling down the highway sipping on a double cup. What are you even saying b?

And the name is corny as hell.. obviously he was biting off of SBTRKT, Weeknd, etc and the new trend of leaving the vowels out of your name, because this guy is apparently the most unoriginal artist ever. Soulja Boy should sign him.
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...and it's not like he's untalented either.

His voice is good, but the music itself is lacking in originality and that's something that I value a great deal in art.
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