Mar 21, 2007
I am writing this message on behalf of sstnit because for some reason his niketalk account will not let him log in.

"SSTINT invites you to wear some heat this weekend. He will be out with the camera filming and chatting with twin cities fellow sneaker heads. So just come out and bring some heat and an open mind."

Contact SSTINT at StarInDaFlesh if you have any questions or comments.

Hope to see many of you there. Spread the word!
Yo Mars Blackmon here with my main man Michael Jordan on the speed dial! Yo Money its me! Who? Me! Who? Me, from back in the day. Mars? Yeah...Is this really it? You gonna retire? You callin it quits? Is it true? Yes Mars. Are you sure? Yes Mars. Really, truely, cross your heart hope to die stick a needle in your eye? Yes Mars. Call me back in 5, doing a commercial with Mr. Nike. You gonna hang'em up? You playing golf? No baseball though. Arivaderchi? Sianara? Adios? Avidasing? So long? Goodbye? Farewell? For Good? Again? Goodbye Mars.
So I wore my limited sweatpants and white tee with my exclusive flip fops but not film. where were you at?? hahaha
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