Stand Up Odd Shaped People

Joined Sep 26, 2001
Sup all my OSPs. 
I'm tired of having a hard time finding clothes that are my size. Larges are just a tad bit too big, mediums are too small. Same goes with popular sized suits - 42 jus a bit too tight, 44 too big. 34 waist a lil tight, 36 way too big.

Yea yea, can get things altered - but who's tryin to alter a tee shirt.

Sucks cuz I think I'm a pretty average sized dude. 5'9" 190ish. 

They got stores like Lane Bryant and Big Dawgs.. how come they don't have stores like Super Medium or something. 

Joined Oct 6, 2003
Behold, the land of alterations! No but seriously that's what some people just have to do. Or start looking at higher priced brands, those labels tend to fit a little nicer.
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