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Sep 19, 2007
Wassup yall,

So I been researching and thinking of starting a store in 2008 ( its still a few good locations left) and was looking for feedback from the millions of cats thats already tried, still trying, succeeding, failing, just getting by, eating , starving. etc etc. Everywhere I turn its a cat saying dont do it, and then its a cat that say it don't hurt to at least try. So if you have any advice, words of wisdom , contacts, places I need to be, places I shoulda been, groundwork (i.e business plan, business tax id, seller permit,, . websites to visit , books to buy etc etc. Leave a reply. Hopefully this thread gets hit up and stays updated and you know 6 months from now we all can look back and be like yea he did it or man that cat failed horribly(lol) .. If any shop owners/heads got any advice thats what I'm looking for (turf, fresh, bows and arrows, huf, true, truesole, bsb1, shoebiz,etc ect).. Holla cause its definitely enough room at the table for everybody to eat.
You can find someone who does this and have them take you under their wing or you can start researching your @#%$ off. Someone might be feeling real generous but finding that person might be a little tough.

You get the foundation setup and the structure will build itself.
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make it different...if its a cool store people will know about it....don't just sell the same stuff that everyone else has(10 deep, crooks) those beands seem to be popping up even in the mall nd stuff so yeah be unique and don't get in over your head...go around asking people what they would buy and what their ideal shop would look like cuz the customer is always right
concentarte your store on atmosphere. it's true alot of boutiques look the same inside, bunch of ikea. do something different taht will make your spot memorable to your customers and make them want to come back. you should also attend Magic in vegas. they should have a class too which goes over a bunch of steps and helpful advice for opening your own store, then you can check out all the brands and get ideas.
No offence but if you have to go on a website forum like Nike Talk and ask a question of if you should start a business or asking questions about the industry you intend on starting the business in, then you obviously don't know enough about the industry or business in general and your chance of failure is high. It's very hard to start a business out of thin air without any knowledge of the field you are starting the business in let alone without any connections. I strongly advise against it. But if you do start a store, what is your store going to bring to the table that the other 100 in the bay area don't? what is going to set your store apart from the rest and make people want to come there and continue to keep coming back? Good luck to you...

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