Still got grapes?

Mar 6, 2006
Hey wussup guys, recently some of my people went to the phils and r still there I was wondering what stores still had the grape 5s perferably in a size 8.5-9.5 I know that some of the nike stadiums in the malls carries LS jordans because I picked up my ice blue Xs in one of them last year missed out on the grapes here so wuz wonderin if I still get em there thanks in advance :wink:
2 pairs of 9.5

1 pair of 13

meetup for retail, or trade me beans or black/silvers in my size.

salamat. could look at my pants
and tell that i'm khaki..
I've seen some scattered around town. Forgot where exactly and what sizes though.


It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
C'mon guys help me out I'm still lookin for places to get them with still time left
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