Stock Exchange DC November 2007 : Buy Sell Trade

Jun 12, 2007
Stock Exchange DC is a shopping and exhibition event in the Capitol of the U.S.
We are looking for vendors and privateers and to participate and to inform savvy consumers about the next event.

Our show caters mainly to the following categories:
Apparel - T-shirts, Denim, Undergarments, outerwear, etc. vintage or new
Footwear - Sneakers, shoes, vintage and new.
Jewelery - Necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, etc. Vintage or new
Eyewear - Sunglasses, Frames, lenses, traditional & uber modern. Vintage and New
Handbags - Women's and Men's handbags, backpacks, carry alls and luggage.
HardGoods - Toys, gaming systems, furniture, designer collectibles.
Visual Art - paintings, prints, multimedia, sculpture, custom and handmade items.
Media - printed books, magazines, film, music, DVD/CD media.
Food/Beverage - various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, edibles.

On November 2007, twice as much space and twice as much fun.
check out for the attendance... these people are coming to buy even more kicks and we didn't have enough, they want more!

For Sneaker Resellers:
Half Table (2ft wide x 3ft long + space behind/under table) - $50
Full table (2ft wide x 6ft long + space behind/under table) -$100

I want a good solid turnout for our massive sneaker buyers. People came with the money, but it was more than our sellers could handle!

We will also need some event staff.
we are looking for about 5 trust-worthy, hardworking people who would like to be interns for the Stock Exchange DC office.

If you are a brand, store or garments developer please inquire via email or stay tuned.

that's it for now.
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