Stop being girls, NW kids post your damn pic's.

Aug 3, 2001
So it dawns on me today that I know some of you...only I know you in person, and I know your name on NT. But I don't connect the two. Like I see you at The War Room or somewhere and I say whats up, and we politic or whatever. Then online we have a rapport but I don't relize that I am talking to the same mofo that I was bs'ing with at southcenter, feel me? So I'm gonna say we ought to try and do a roll call, put a pic to a face kind of thing. I am sure some will be shy and not want to get down but some of us aren't.

So here we go "Hi I am Big Fame, and I like candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and kicks"



Clearly I am the stud on the left...
"Under no circumstance should a man buy another man a drink, UNLESS that man is Big Fame, and the drink must be hard lime slice."-Forty 1
heres a good one of me, derrick,leonard, and hov!

dont flame the the rag haha
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
^either you are ashamed of what you really look like yet saved that stupid pic from years ago, OR you really are Sonic the Sneakerhog and we used to crack up watching youy get beat up by your homies on the net, that is even more sad than the first option.
nice pic Blake

I think most of you guys know what I look like...if you see me around say whats up .

hah this is a a fun post, i know theres more folks out there.

sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
^I have one, well actually I pay him to stand in my living room two days a week.

p.s. I owe Trunks a spicy breast meal at Ezells and a peach faygo.
rainygriz comin atya... my name is craig but currently im holdin down niketalk for y'all in missoula montana. just transfered there from the dubb. get atya boy.

cuz dude in the middle looks like a guy that works at goods named ray and ur rockin some goods gear so i thought maybe u were employed there or somethin.
Ray and Jorge(sp?) are my fav. Goods employees. Ray's license picture looks like a pedophile lol
Seattle Sole
ray promised to find me and hov girlfriends, i hope you were serious (if your reading this haha)

BFO maybe you could help us. i'd like a white girl who watches entourage and enjoys long walks on alki haha,
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
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