Stylz (sp) clothing store on Fulton St. Legit?

Apr 19, 2005
Ok i was in the city for the weekend with my girl..and i walk in there and there's mad sales on all the clothing..i found these true religion jeans that were priced at 297.00 and i try 'em on and everything and they said they could give me half off for these jeans..normally i don't pay over 100 dollars for jeans..but it seemed very fishy the guy that was tryin to sell 'em to me was gettin angry that i wouldn't buy 'em and he lowered the price of the jeans all the way to 100 bucks..just wanted to know if anyone has shopped here and bought true religions here and if there legit or not? i told the guy to stick his jeans up his you know what..cause he was bein mad rude and it was bad customer service..
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/\/\/\ bump. what about the little sneaker shops are the kicks over there legit ?
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