Summertime has come to NT!

Joined Apr 2, 2009
Can't wait for the annual shenanigans and drama.

Today was my last day of class. No more lab at 8am on Thursday.

A toast to those that have been here a few years , and the newcomers that have yet to find general. We used to be you, years ago. :smile:
Joined Apr 2, 2009
My semester runs Feb 13th to June 7th , because my school has winter and summer session alicks
Joined Oct 3, 2003
Most be a college on quarters still.. School from September 20- June 5 is a ugghhhkk
Joined Jan 6, 2006
18 more days before i'm reunited with uc berkeley for summer session. i really only have like a month of actual break. :stoneface:
Joined Apr 2, 2009
My summer is from now until august 20 something :pimp:

That semester ends right before Christmas. Its about 2 month break
Joined Jul 23, 2004
I'm envious of you guys.

Haven't had a summer break in 5 yrs.....
.  I just want to be a kid again.....
Joined Apr 1, 2009
I would hate having quarters instead of semesters.

My summer class ends in a couple weeks, then I'm not doing anything but working, looking for a new job for after graduation, and chilling. Might go to Atlanta towards the end of July or early August
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