Sep 16, 2003
I'm not one who really enjoys interacting with other shoes heads, for the
simple fact most of you guys are fairly lame (myself included). BUT, I
think it would be cool if we could get together a Friday or Saturday night
and run around aimlessly in downtown Seattle while heavily intoxicated. I
gave up drinking (at twenty-one, what a pansy.. I know), but I'm down to
drank for special occasions such as this. I think it would be good times
and way better than all meeting somewhere, hit up spots, get food and do
some various activity. But that's just me. Sorry for the long rant, if you
haven't noticed it's 5:23AM and I'm up starting a thread. I'm obviously not
in the best mind state. But yeah, PNW sneaker heads.. alcohol.. and a
night on the town. What say you men (and possible women)?


WANTED: dead-stock 'courir' air force one size nine
WANTED: dead-stock 'ross' nike dunk low size nine
ok everyone can just dukey all over there shoes while heavily intoxicated. im sure BFO is interested.
Team Pacific Northwest​
i'm down with hanging out and getting drunk with a bunch of other lame shoeheads like myself... but please do it on a saturday because i have to work every weeknights until late and i don't want to miss this sure to be interesting event. :lol:
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Team Pacific Northwest​
i've been doing a lot of drinking this year. why not eh?
Anybody mind serving alcohol to a minor?

No? Then I'm down.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.

Team Pacific Northwest​
I say Saturday night. I already have an MIP under my belt, but eh why not.
Team Pacific Northwest​
i've got class/lab/research everyday from 830 to 5pm. the weekends are exclusively for studying. i have no life.

Team Pacific Northwest​
not trying to hate..but most nt summits turn out lame..except the one i went to in like 02 or 03. now if your going to hit up a bar and maybe smoke or something...then im down haha.
"talk some smack your thing"
we can have the summit/party at my house as long as everyone agrees to buy a pair of shoes from me. 12-14. :D
Team Pacific Northwest​
I dunno how many UW NTers there are but we should all hit up a party.
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Blake --

@#%$ me. I'm REALLY mad I didn't get those 1's.

Uhh...the last summit was rather weak...and I want to do another one maybe but put A LOT of planning into it and get some industry people to attend. '05's summit was pretty great w/ all the heat on hand...and ideally we could do a kick @#%$ summit that can't be topped and then i'd never do one again.

And if I lived in Seattle...I'd be down to get trashed and fool around...
i think most members of pnw are minors lmao.
Team Pacific Northwest​
TeaM LeadeR​
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im down, but i think this one needs more planning because the last one i didnt know if it was a summit or not but it ended up to be get together with friends cuz i didnt know how to get to dudes house lol, but the boxing that was on youtube was funny
Team Pacific Northwest​

i might be selling them ill let you know. im trying to get rid of everything except for maybe 20+ shoes. ill let you know.
Team Pacific Northwest​
I just want an excuse to get drunk and hang out with oo206oo. So.. yeah.


WANTED: dead-stock 'courir' air force one size nine
WANTED: dead-stock 'ross' nike dunk low size nine

i still need those chris lundy's. is tay in new york or does he just have a connect there now? i got a text from him the other day.
I just want an excuse to get drunk and hang out with oo206oo. So.. yeah.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.You can hate if you want to, but you're wasting your time.
If J.D., Chris, Blake, Mike, Jake, Keith, Nick, Richard, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike are down wid it...I'll be there. Just say the word.
has anyone seen magsXL?
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