Sup with NT lately ????

May 5, 2009
Why was my Bill O'Rielly Thread Locked? Vol. NT be on some Buuuuuuuhh

As of late yall have been tripping. Small !+# .

You can't say #ap (rhymes with dap) an OG NT word.

You can't post a vid with any minor language.

NYFly got banned for pulling the old switcherooo on the title thread. It was all in fun. It was funny.

Sometimes yall forget we make NT . We log on, we get this !+# hits, you guys get money for your charities or what the !+# ever because of us.
Yea NT is on some word of mouth type !+#, but the word that NT is on some !+# can spread just as fast. It used to be fun, !+# mad crazy now day. No fun, youcan't do or say !+# no more.

I know this will get locked, !+# it !!
You mad?

NVM, don't answer that. The results are in....

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