Mar 4, 2003
I had this idea brewing for awhile.....wasnt sure how/when I was gonna do it, till the opportunity presented itself. I basically wanted to incorporate all the key aspects of certain collaborative shoes Nike has done before into 1 shoe....UNDFTD, Supreme, Huf, etc.
a guy wanted a shoe in black and gold with a mix of different materials and textures, so this brought the concet back to mind.
Its pretty self explanitory...incorporated aspects of 3 different Nike x Supreme shoes

the gold stars and croc print of the dunk hi's
the cement/elephant print(whichever is which) of the 1st dunk lows
and the quilted look and snakeskin of the blazers

I realize this shoe did not photograph well, but thats kinda my thing now...bad pics
anyway, you get the idea(I hope)



an UNDFTD shoe is in the works

just realized you cant really make out the quilted section.....


Say Hi to Mickey and Goofy for me Rashard​
I hope you put enough love in mines as you have in your other work. BTW- did you have a nice time off?
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 6​
Im pretty excited about yours...I tried some new things I havent done tomorow
it was cool takin a week off...the thing I hate about time off is that its so hard to come back to the real world. I feel like I need another week just to gear back up to normal
Say Hi to Mickey and Goofy for me Rashard​
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