Sushi Land Open @ Tukwila by EQPT

yo vlad!!! me u brenda n michelle needa eat sushi again mang! i seen u at west seattle the other day and had the urge to steal ur car mang! lol

krab salad is BOMB!!!!!! u n brenda got me addicted to krab salad man....and miso soup
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we should have an official niketalk challenge, wh can eat the most.....cheaaaaaaaaaa
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jason caampued is currently the tukwila sushi land champ w/ 31 plates

JASON CAAMPUED IS SUSHI *slams hand on table* BOOM!! *raises fist*

aim - ronnskizzle
im gonig to win... if i have the money, haha
Hella Filthy!
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you fat piece of @#%$ :lol:

whats the secret to becoming a champ eh?

Team Pacific Northwest

i guess i'ma have to dust off my 2006 plate champ shirt for this....but forreallllsssssssssssssss

who's really down to do this?
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i went into sushiland today and i saw the "champ" come in to eat. sushi is not my faviorite but its good. so if your competing with the title of the sushiland champ. do you have to pay for the sushi you ate???? cuz if not im done no doubt
Team Pacific Northwest​
after jason got done with his 31 plates, the bill was $60+. so if you plan to beat his record make sure you got the cash for it..haha!! or you can do what jason did, get people to throw in cash to sponsor you. if you would like to challenge jason, let me know so i can organize something, probably during the eqpt grand opening.
aim - ronnskizzle
Aiyo, do they have angus beef rolls?
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im down for sushi but $60+...daammn haha. i'm broke as hell right now. i was just at todai durin easter eatin plates
Im new to sushi, but me and a few guys from work hit up the TwoKoi every friday for lunch.

Im in love with angus beef rolls.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.
might as well have a sushi eating contest at todais cuz its cheaper for all you can eat than paying 60+ for it.
Team Pacific Northwest​ can simply eat 1$ plates as well

minimum to even be on the Site online is 30 plates eaten

you CAN throw up after you eat...AFTER YOU EAT!!!!!!!

anything goes, once you've eaten 30 plates, you get a SUSHILAND it's like a 20$ shirt, and a 10$+ meal if you wanna put it in that perspective....
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haha never thoguht of that way. but istill rather go eat it at todai
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yea thats a good way of lookin at it haha. i heard sushiland is pretty good too so i dono, todai may not be ur best bet neways. i mean their sushi is good, but its not great.
haha that place is good. but the time i went, we got a wack waiter. i ordered a coke that took 15 minutes to get and than ordered a shrimp tempura that i didn't get until i got my check. the guy asked me "uhh. do you still want this?" haha but overall its good! thumbs up
yea honestly, you can't go during busy times, i mean yea it's their fault for sucking that bad, but if you go on a down/chill's like having personal service on anything and everything you want...VIP status hahahah
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^ true, for better service from those girls maybe. :b
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