SVP sports in MALTON

Aug 10, 2006
I was at the SVP in malton they had the alpha omega 1s and 22s just to let u guys know and they also had the black cat 3s if you guys are looking for jordans they usually have alot of sizes there they even had some fire reds left, good spot if u are ever in malton
yea. they suppose to drop on Jun 2. which is tom.
i personally not a fan of them Omega Jordan. the pic on the side of the shoe just ain't rite.
FS: DS size 10 AJ DMP package, DS size 10 AJ XIII low white/maize, VVVNDS AJ 11 Retro Columbia size 11, AJ XVIII towels all Brand new in blk, red, blue color.(send me ur best offer)
Malton beside the Airport, Humber College, Woodbine Centre...Take 427 North/exit Derry Road/Rexdale Blvd....Go west until you hit Goreway Drive..Head north on Goreway/ Westwood mall is right there...
I have never heard of Malton. Is it relatively close to Toronto?
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