Takeshi Miike, what movies should I watch?

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So far I've seen
-Ichi The Killer
-13 Assassins

Starting Audition, what others are must watch from him?  Any other Japanese directors that have a style like his?
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Gozu,Audition, Visitor Q, Imprint is pretty messed up, Great Yokai War if you like power ranger like monsters and fantasy/mythology, Zebraman, Izo, seriously all his movies are phenomenal.I'm a huge Miike fan/collector.

As far as your second question, there aren;t too many that do anything like him. The closest asian director would be Park Chan Wook. Old Boy, Thirst are both extremely good if not abit weird and crazy.
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gozu is definetly a trip, very david lynch esque
i really like the happiness of the katakuris
did miike do all the dead or alive movies too? a couple of those were kinda cool
not miike, but i also always liked suicide club
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