TAKING A TRIP TO HOUSTON! Any good sneaker spots etc?

May 19, 2001
Waddup ya'll,

I'm about to take a trip down to Houston on the 1st and I was wondering where all the good sneaker/clothes shops are at? What else cool is there to do there? Thanks!
I pity da foo who made dis post.
Visit The Galleria mall, and visit the stores Kickz and Shiekhs. Also if you're in the downtown area, head up the Premium Goods.
airNGUYEN23- Are those stores in that mall?

Thanks ya'll.
I pity da foo who made dis post.
When you find either Shiekhs or Kickz, you shouldn't have a hard time finding the other. They're across from eachother.
Galleria mall has shieks and kickz. It alsos has all the upscale shopping stores.

The best sneaker shop is probably premium goods in rice village bc they carry more than just shoes.

Sf2 is ok, but really far from everything else.

Btw, what brings you to Houston? Can't imagine why anybody would visit here

NT 2001
Forsure gonna visit the Galleria mall.

I'm visiting some cousins that recently moved there.
I pity da foo who made dis post.
^ That's nice to hear, have fun at the Galleria. It has alot of nice stores there. Have fun man! :pimp:
id go to greenspoint mall and sf2 if you get a chance, bring your gun but def go.
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