Tattoo Shops in Charlotte, NC

Jun 3, 2002
Anyone know of any good shops in charlotte, NC.

I am looking to get the following stuff done:

was wondering if Niketalk could help me out with the designs for the tattoos I am looking to get. I am a terrbile artist and I know a lot of people on Niketalk are good artist.
I am looking to get two tattoos. The first is RULE (my last name) on the inside of my left bicep going vertical. It will be six inches long by 2 inches wide. I want it to be in all black. This style but not chinese characters:

The next one is I want to get FSU on my right calf. It will be five inches by 2 inches. I want the FSU to be vertical and the Florida State Spear to be cutting thru the FSU:

I want the FSU to be in an old english style.

Thanks for the help.
Team: I was with your mom last night!

Team: I was with your mom last night!
I had replied to this before the switch to yuku. But I've to this clean shop in University Area on North Tryon by Pigeon Stool and Panera Bread in aShopping center. You should check it out.
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