(TAX/DUTY Question) - Sending shoes down to the States

Feb 28, 2001
I am sending kicks down to the States. I will mark the box as gift but planning to put the actual value of $ 90 USD, will the US buyer be charged duty/customs tax?

I want to put the actual value because in case it got lost I won't be stuck claiming only $ 20 (if i put only $ 20 instead of $ 90).

Whats the highest value I can put before the item is charged tax entering the US?

thanks for the help!
I have no idea, but i always put the value,Incase its lost i dont risk loosing money out of my own pocket.

Just label it as a gift and hope for the best.

it sucks for him if he has to pay a few bucks in duty. but think if you label it has label a $100 pair of shoes as $10.
if they get lost you get compinsated $10
If you want to know forsure give customs a call. They can tell you exactly how much duty if any he will pay. As mentioned in the other "customs" thread you get the amount that the package is insured for if it is lost. If you insure it for the full value you will get the full value back. The customs form is filled out in order to process the package through customs, it is not for the postal service to keep track of how much the package is worth.
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my dudes from the States told me that when they come down to T.O for kicks, they get GST refunded on the way back...gotta fill out a couple forms but they get ca$h back!?!
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That is true right now, but

"On September 25, 2006, the Government of Canada announced the elimination of the GST Visitors Rebate Program effective April 1, 2007 as part of a package of spending restraint measures."

No more money back.
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I am planning to use Canadapost's Expedited Parcel and for one of it features it had this:

Coverage for loss or damage up to $100 included

So even if I put $ 20 as the declared value on the form, I can claim $ 100 (actual value) if the item is lost?.


up to $100 comes automatically when you send a package.

if the package is lablled $20 you can only get $20 back

^ thanks.

Dang so if i put $ 100 (to cover my butt in case of lost), then US customs might charge duty of the kicks declared value $ 100.


Once again! The declared value for customs has nothing to do with the insured value of the package.
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if its your boy thats gettin the kicks, id declare lower value because chances of them losing are less then 50% alot less actually especially if u use expediated, if its some random who cares if they get taxed. its not your fault.
"Gifts mailed from abroad to people in the United States can be received by them free of duty if the value of the gift does not exceed $100. Gifts for more than one person can be consolidated into one package. To be eligible for this waiver, each recipient's name must be clearly marked on the package. Non-gift purchases mailed to the United States will pass duty-free if their value does not exceed $200. The outer wrapping must be marked with the fair retail value of the contents; a description of the contents (e.g., shirts, belts, watch, figurines, etc.); and whether the package is a gift ($100 exemption) or for personal use ($200 exemption)."

Lucky Americans...
Anything over 20 dollars I've been getting taxed recently. Even if the packages are uninsured. And the tax is huge... like 30-50% (includes some kind of service fee) Canadian Customs can be such a @#%$ sometimes

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