**Team ICO's "Project TRICO" Leaks Early**


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First details on the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus developers PlayStation 3 project may have just leaked online, just a few weeksbefore the game was expected to make an appearance at E3.
The alleged trailer for "Project TRICO," by way of PlayStation Lifestyle, begins with a scene that might be familiar to followers ofTeam ICO's work. The PlayStationdeveloper teased the opening imagery in a job recruiting ad that ran last year. The restwill look completely new.

The Project TRICO trailer shows the interaction of a young boy who bears a striking resemblance to the lead character in ICO and a giant animalthat looks part feline, part rodent-a giant feathery, furry thing that has clearly had its wings clipped. The trailer shows off possible gameplay mechanicsthat fit in with previous Team ICO games, namely cooperative platforming over architecture that fits in aesthetically with the series.

The purported teaser also highlights thematic elements present in ICO and Shadow of the Colossus-at one point code named"NICO"-and looks like it could fit in the same universe.

Team ICO lead Fumito Uedaspoke briefly about the still unannounced game at this year'sGame Developers Conference, saying "the essence of the game is similar to ICO."

We've contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America reps to verify if the trailer is genuine.
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At one point those characters didn't even look like they were originally in the video... They looked computer edited... We'll wait to see though.

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