Team Scene - Take Off Your Cool - "Heatseekers of the Week" Winner!

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Hola fellow #NTers.  A friend and I have been making music on here for a while under the "Team Scene" monicker, but recently a housemate of mine has decided to strike out on his own and start a film/video company.  Ambitious I know.

Our first project was a short video for one of our songs "Take Off Your Cool" (we chose this because it was under 2 minutes long even thought its a bit older) and after some negotiating were able to rent a ridiculous camera (the thing looked like optimus prime) and self-fund the shoot.  We hope this will be the first of countless videos/documentaries/(and movies?!?!?!) that we're able to film in-house.

All I ask is that you check the video out and if you're feeling it, give it a like, and if you're not a thumbs down is fine, just please leave constructive criticism so we can get the next shoot right.

I feel like I should also add on top of more videos, there will be a new album coming this Summer.



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Joined Jul 11, 2006
appreciate the feedback bros.  we were playing around with the slow motion, bullet time stuff this go around because we want to really go at it next video. i've spent all day trying to teach myself new techniques for doing it better
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The first dude should never dance and the vid needs a female presence, looks like yall had a date night.
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