Team Shorts (Replica, Elite, Tradition Defined, Authentic)

Joined Jan 21, 2003
I love team basketball shorts and haven't seen anyone show theirs so I figured I'd start this topic. I look forward to seeing other collections. Begood NT.
Missing: Kansas State Black Elites (I have them on right now.)

Elite/Tradition Defined

Joined Jan 21, 2003
The only thread I saw was for Game Shorts; it focuses on college game shorts, which I do not have any of. If I am wrong about this, let me know. Yes, they areBulls shorts but they are not for sale.


Joined Sep 2, 2008
Dro44, you like those Syracuse Tradition Defined's? I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on them but haven't yet.

Here's my UConn collection, top row is retail stuff, bottom row is game used/team issued. Still gotta pick up the road navy SOD's but waiting for themto come on ebay for cheap.

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