Tech NTers: Screen Capture Help? Tips? Software?

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Yes I know about prnt/scrn key. This is a different instance.

Have an excel assignment where I use excel to the get the desired data for the questions on the assignment.

Physically hand in the assignment so cover page, data answering the questions, etc.

Now where I need help:
Professor wants me to screen capture everything I do in excel (to prevent copying the data off someone) but his screen capture requirements are must show
-Time Stamp
-Clear shot of data, etc
-Be able to place it in the report right next to the data answering the questions so it is more like proof I did it.

Problem using regular old prnt/scrn
-Dual monitors one being 1920x1200
-Photoshopping such captures would be nightmare since it must fit into a word document, be clear, and show a time stamp

The professor just told me to go to since they have a lot of screen capping software no actual suggestion for which to use. 

Any suggestions of a software to crop the important parts, show a time stamp, and be clear if pasted into a word document fitting on one page?
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