Thank you for helping NikeTalk donate $19,000 to build a library in Nepal!

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Dec 8, 1999
Last week, we at NikeTalk signed off on a $19,000 donation to Room to Read, whichwill finance the construction of a freestanding library in Nepal.

While the educational system in Nepal has improved markedly over the last two decades, the child literacy rate still stands at around 60% and stark genderdisparities in education demand redress. Today, illiteracy plagues over 35% of Nepalese males and 57% of all females. 47% of Nepalese children suffer frommalnourishment and half live on less than $1 per day.

The plight facing children and families in Nepal so moved John Wood, then a senior executive at Microsoft, that he quit his job to help - eventually foundingthe non-profit Room to Read organization, which has since built over 7,000libraries and expanded its operations to serve communities in over nine developing nations around the world.

Our $19,000 donation will allow Room to Read and its local partners to build a new library in Nepal, stock it with between 1,000 and 1,500 books, and providethree years of library management training to ensure its continued success. We'll be receiving, and sharing, periodic updates regarding the project fromits inception to completion. I expect to receive a project application report sometime this week, which should offer additional details regarding the library.


As this donation has been financed using NikeTalk's ad revenues, I'd like to thank each of you for visiting NikeTalk and disabling/creating exceptionson any ad-blocking software you may have installed so that we can continue to 1) remain online and 2) generate substantial charitable donations like this one. While NikeTalk may be considered unique for a great many reasons, bear in mind that, unlike virtually all other sneaker sites out there, 100% of our ad revenuegenerated beyond the basic costs of hosting go to charity. To date, NikeTalk has issued over $85,000 in charitable donations. With your help, we should beable to exceed $100,000 in total donations by the end of 2009 and NikeTalk's upcoming 10th anniversary.
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With your help, we should be able to exceed $100,000 in total donations by the end of 2009 and NikeTalk's upcoming 10th anniversary.

We can do it.

Method Man,

Do you have an entire list of all the donations we have made towards numerous causes? I would like to know the cumulative amount of money we have donated.
Nice. Although I've been banned many a time, glad to see that someone is being helped via NT.

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