Thank you for helping NikeTalk donate $19,000 to build a library in Nepal!

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So for my good duties, can I have my OG name back?

Or is this a bad time to ask?
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I got to know a few Nepalese dudes from my time spent overseas. They were pretty awesome.

Glad to know my NT browsing is helping someone
, cuz it's evident by my gpait's not helping me.

Methodical Management

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Originally Posted by TheeQuickness


Method Man,

Do you have an entire list of all the donations we have made towards numerous causes? I would like to know the cumulative amount of money we have donated.
I sure do:

Thanks for helping NikeTalk donate $10,000to the WWF to join the Amur Leopard Conservation Society!...
Thank you forhelping NikeTalk donate $4,056 to Habitat for Humanity!
Thank you for helpingFree The Children build a school in Kenya! ($17,204)
Thanks for helping NikeTalk allocate $6,820 to - now YOU can decide who we loan it to!
Thank you for helping NikeTalk donate $5,000 to Green For All!
Thank You for Helping NT Donate$2,768.60 to JDRF!
NikeTalk Donates $2,553 to the American CancerSociety
Thanks for helping NT donateover $2,000 to Operation Smile
Thanks to you, NikeTalk hasjust donated $3,656 to the UNCF!
Thank you for helping NT donate over $4,000 to Access Books!
Thank you for helpingNikeTalk donate over $2,500 to UNICEF!
Though the announcement posts have since been lost, we also donated $2,907 to Gawad Kalinga and $3,908 to Ettie LeeHomes.

That puts our current total at over $86,000. We have a lot of work to do in order to exceed $100,000 by December, but hopefully ad rates will rebound andparticipation will improve now that we've worked so hard to prevent a recurrence of the ad issues we overcome this past fall. (Should anyone come acrossan inappropriate ad, please take a screen capture (print screen key, then paste into a graphic editing program and save as an image file) and send it, alongwith the ad's web address, to to report them to Yuku, our hosting provider.)

We can also do even better if we can increase t-shirt sales. All of the proceeds form our t-shirts will also benefit charitable causes. Though we're allsold out of the 9th anniversary and NT Cent designs, the classic Alpha shirt is still on sale and, at the moment, it's available in all sizes. Limitedsizes are also available in the VIII design and the OG shirt, circa 2000. Check for those if you're interested. Though I'm hardly impartial, I've bought at least 3 of each andI think Steez and Rajah did an AMAZING job on them. It's just a shame that, of all the famous names, only Chi McBride has been cool enough to send backphotos of himself rocking them.
how long did this take? the $19,000 part...
Revenue reporting is pretty tricky business these days, since so many of the lesser ad networks are less than reliable in terms of scheduledpayment. It's several months worth of revenues to say the least, but we're still owed revenue from nearly a year ago from some networks. Google isone of the only networks that truly pays out on time every single month. Since we try to use a rotation from a variety of sources to maximize revenues, fundsowed never quite match up to funds available and payout is so irregular that, as a result, our donations have become equally sporadic. What we've wound updoing, as a result, is pooling donations from longer stretches to sponsor larger projects - like the Amur Leopard Conservation Society and this Room to Readdonation. We still have some leftover funds from 2008 to allocate, though, and we've yet to spend anything from '09 since I've yet to receive ourQ1 report.

So for my good duties, can I have my OG name back?
Nice try.

kinda ironic that NT built a library of all things.
If you spend time here on a regular basis, you can't tell me that you don't feel an overwhelming desire to combat illiteracy.


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Originally Posted by Method Man

As this donation has been financed using NikeTalk's ad revenues, I'd like to thank each of you for visiting NikeTalk and disabling/creating exceptions on any ad-blocking software you may have installed
I use a "no-script" add-on on fire fox....i dont want to allow all script so does anybody know what i can allow?
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How does one donate here, I want to get on board.? Been here for 4 years now, time to do something good!
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just curious, who is it that decides on the selection of the particular charity? don't get me wrong, a library in nepal is something i totally support andi think its great, but all of these seem to come from left field, i kinda wish i had the opportunity to participate in some form in the future....
do the mods decide, or is there a voting thread or something?
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If you spend time here on a regular basis, you can't tell me that you don't feel an overwhelming desire to combat illiteracy.


At least our rampant and conspicuous consumerism is somewhat helping for a cause.
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This is good . CON GRADS on helping . It is alway nice to give back to others . THIS IS GOOD .
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