That full-tank feeling...Appreciation


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No, not the moment where I
as I put my debit card back into my wallet.

I mean the one where I fill up the tank, get in the car and start it, and watch the fuel gauge needle climb up and softly come to a rest just above the"F." For just a moment, I feel like I could go anywhere right then.

I've been driving for almost 6 years, and I get that feeling every single time I fill my tank. A full tank of gas in any mechanically sound vehicle is justa beautiful thing.

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seeing your credit card statement at the end of the month that you spent $150 on gas is
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I havent had that feeling in a while lol but yeah it is a good feeling especially when u still got "Plenty Money" left over, just makes you feel likeyou handling business.
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Appreciated, but at the same time, constantly glancing at your needle to see where you are at
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for that brief moment...

then it turns to
as its starts to near 3/4 and lower.
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!..Been cheated by these gas prices so i've never felt this feeling...Closes i've ever been is slightly above 3/4 of a tank, and ive had my car sinceJanuary..Smh
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Originally Posted by DMATT423

Appreciated, but at the same time, constantly glancing at your needle to see where you are at
So I'm not the only one who does this? I wish I could stop myself its like I got OCD with that
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LOOOVE that feeling. Makes me happy inside.
Originally Posted by AntBanks81

Appreciated....extra point if the car just got washed
Not that it happens often with my car
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Reminds me of 2 Thanksgivings back. Swear on everything. We (me, sis, her man, my boy) were at the crib the day b4 Thanksgiving. Up late juss kickin it. Thatnight, my sister's car got broken into, they stole her in-dash.
We stayedup all night lookin for anybody suspicious around the neighborhood. That night, the ppl had gotten in like 10 other cars. Including my homie's that waswith me. He lived up the street. Anyway, fast forward. We went to the gas station at like 5 in the morning. Premium gas wuz 24 cents a gallon. I thought"No way. It says that but it can't be true."The other two grades were reg price. But premium wuz low for some reason. I have a caddy, so i had nochoice BUT to get premium. So I did, and I filled up my tank wit like 2 dollars n some change. I gave the ppl inside 5 bucks for gas (i wuz broke at the time
) and just left my change. I didn't wanna make it hot for ppl. Weheaded back up there about 2 hours ;ater, and it was fixed. Needless to say, somebody got fired that day.
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i always wondered if i was the only one who felt this way

that appreciation feeling goes toward unappreciated when constantly looking when to fill up
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