The 1 year collection of a 15 year old

Jul 12, 2006
Wassup NT. This is my first post. Im 15 and have been collecting for exactly 13 months. I bought all my shoes minus flips, stealths, Fire Red's, and Milli's. The rest i got from saling candy in school...So i don't have as many as the rest of you. but i try. so enjoy:rofl:

my bad on the spelling error, but naw i really did sale candy i had my own business of ppl saling candy for me. Profitting about 200 a week. ask my cousin "shawty loke"
everybody sells candy these days lol
I have more jewels than your jeweler
Touch and I will bust, you're a do-er
That's a bullethole, it is not a tumor Red like red like stop your rumors
I stay on track like a box of Pumas
nice collection
The Movement
Greatness is always over looked jordan was 3rd, pac had to move west to be heard​
Exactly what I expected to see when I read the title...but not bad at all.
SAY NO TO "FORCED RARITY". Don't be stupid.
i just broke your neck
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Hey, Nice Collection.......I like your Fire Red V's and Old Love's........... I just got back from vacation to find out that someone broke into my house and stole those two pairs from me
I'm so @#%$ pissed and I think it was one of my sisters friends cuz I was talking to him about how I collect and we happen to wear the same size.......
I'm gonna have to @#%$ him up..... Anyways, VERY NICE COLLECTION.....good start.

F/S: DS sz 12 AJ retro I white/white

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selling snacks makes more money than yall could imagine. keep it up
seventeen livin a millionair's dream
algiers 1.5 ya heard me!
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