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Discussion in 'Sneaker Showcase' started by joeman1515, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. joeman1515


    Jan 3, 2009
    Did not see a thread about it and I want to hear some of your experience, I am new to the game of trying to find releases, trying to find steals on ebay etcetc, I always loved shoes but was never into it. So I want to hear what you guys think is the best part of copping a new pair or about being a collector or fanof sneakers in general, or your shining moment (DMP if you will) of your shoe career, (best buy, shoe that got it started, heat youve seen other people wearingthat made you say[​IMG]

    Ill hit leadoff. I think the best part is when a shoe gets shipped to you and you open it up for the first time especially if you get something off eBay thatis older, the best part is opening up the package and the box to see what you have just bought. It can suck if you got some yellowed kicks that a bright flashcovered, but if you get something fresh its a great feeling. I havnet had a great standout moment so far, but I wanna hear your guys's.
  2. shrewd03


    Jan 3, 2008
    the best part for me is copping my new pair. specially when there's peeps lookin for the same kicks and yet u still got the shoe and the size u want..definitely the best part for me.
  3. c3tucker


    Jan 18, 2007
    The best part is rediscovering that "old" pair you forgot you had way back in the closet.
  4. guerrilla warfare

    guerrilla warfare

    May 29, 2008
    If u looking fa steals on ebay, Look for the item u want errday, dats wat i do... found some space jamz fa $90 plus shipping took a while but istill got them ( Look in the ebay auction thread in dis forum )....The best part about being a sneaka head ta me is when almost errbody @ my skool give meprops/ or err time i walk in class err body look @ me, then my shoes...I b thinkin im da s**t [​IMG][​IMG]...the shoe dat statred fa me was the jumpman pro's in elementary[​IMG][​IMG] still got a pair of og's on ice...[​IMG]...The only shoes that makes me turn my head err time, is the carmine6's...[​IMG] One day I'll have dem thangs in my life...[​IMG]