The Captain - Derek Jeter ESPN Special

Aug 10, 2012
Any baseball fans out there trying to peep all 7 parts of this special about Derek Jeter? I'll try to watch them if I'm home when they're being aired or I'll try to watch them retroactively via On Demand feature if it's made available on there.

Despite being a Dodgers fan, I've always been a big fan of Derek Jeter since his 1996 AL Rookie Of The Year season, which was also the first time he won a championship. I knew immediately he would be a transcendent baseball superstar when I saw him during his rookie year.

I'm curious to see if the level of interest with it will be close to The Last Dance. I doubt it'll be as popular as The Last Dance.
Have my DVR set for this and the derby tonight. Really looking forward to this doc, far from a Yankees fan but always liked the way Jeter played the game and of course he pulled some well known dimes off the diamond.

This won't be anywhere near as hyped as the Last Dance and I haven't seen much promo for it. Heck the Man in the Arena doc didn't seem to get much love, as a Hawks fan it was hard watching the ep covering the Pats-Hawks sb just knowing I'd have to see that int for the umpteenth time lol.
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