The Cash Back Trick.....

Jan 2, 2009
So I'm with a small credit union from Memphis that is part of a major credit union association. I never that much cash on me.

If I get cash from an ATM other than an "association" one its usually the ATM fee+My credit union fee ($1.50) for using a non-assoc ATM.
This could end up being anywhere from 4-5 bucks depending on the ATM fee where I'm at.

I rarely keep much cash on me so whenever I need some I stop in a random dollar store, Walgreens or somewhere and grab something for cheap like 35 cent hit thecash back option and I'm winning.

BUT now they are starting to charge for getting cash back at some of these spots and including 1 Walgreens

1. Are they charging for cash-back at spots in your area?
I stay buying a bottle of soda at the Chevron down the street and getting $20 back. I would say this occurs two to three times a week.
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