the cleveland shopping post.

Jul 13, 2004
man, i haven't been shopping in a minute.
but i plan to go this weekend cuz the kid needs some fresh new gear since it's about to get warm..

this is the post where cleveland nters help each other out on what place is selling what, whether it be kicks, clothes, fitteds, whatever you need.

so here are my questions:

yall know if saks or nordstroms be getting stuff? i'm looking for some designer kicks, preferably some gucci sneakers or some designer vans or chucks (no hype beast). and do they put em on sale? cuz the price tags are like WHOA.

what's good with next? haven't been there in a minute. anything new in? sales?

i was on the undercrown website and i guess a store in tower city called "Unlocked" carries their stuff. anyone been yet? is it just like what Cricket West use to be?


Next at Richmond Mall didn't have anything to go crazy about as of last weekend...and i dont know about Unlocked but i bought some jeans and couple of shirts from a spot called Ideal on the second floor in Tower City...and no sales as always
anyone know of any GOOD fitted spots here? not no city blue or lids...and i dont want cavs hats :lol:
that jersey store in randall doesnt have anythin good either.

theres some store i heard of on e. 55th and they also got a westside location. cant remember the name...anyone know which im talkin about?

as for next its pretty much your typical stuff. the one at shaker square is now an AF1 store...havent been in yet.
Whew.....haven't been on NT in a loooooooonnnnngggg time.

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NEXT In Beachwood has been my new spot as of late. All you have to do is flash a smile at them chicks and then pretend to walk out the store, and they running faster than Bo Jackson to get you a discount. We have NO exclusive fitted spots, so id suggest linking up with a NY or NJ or Cali NTer who will hook you up. Designer kicks can always be bought from Saks and Nordstroms, but they are def $350+ and NEVER go on sale.
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sup yall

just went to aurora farms outlet yesterday. picked up some zoom kobe 1's for 34.99 sz 13! they still had west coast lebrons up to size 10, the royal flush lebrons, jordan XXIs, and air max 1 premiums in the all red leather colorway. some good stuff there, and picked up some team USA gear for cheap. just thought id give you the FYI on this stuff, lemme know if you have more questions

city blue on alive @ richmond for gear..

for sb dunks..u can try journeys @ mentor mall
as far as @ shaker/richmond are the only good spots i kno..still havent been to the beachwood one
i believe the lebron royales had a pretty fsr, there was one sz 13, and then a lot of 9-11's. as for the air max 1s, i dont want to take the time right now to find a pic. but, they are maroon full grain leather, with a yellow swoosh and lace locks, and a royal blue toungue tag. hope this helps.

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