The downside of being taller vol. shirt sizing

Oct 9, 2005
I'm about 6'2

XL is usually too short
XXL is usually too wide
XLT is too tall

XL Kirkland white tees are my ideal sized shirt, but more times than not they go straight to my basketball pile after a wash because they're toosmall.
XXL too wide?

I've never had that problem and most of my shirts are XXL. Guess it depends on the maker.
Damn I feel you on this one. Im skinny and 6"1. The tall tees from Foot Locker dont fit right, regular tees forget about it. I got some off drjays.comthat fit pretty good, but after 1 wash there done. I dont understand why nobody cant make a good fitting shirt.
not bad enuff to be such a downside, jus accept who u r u lucky tall &*#"**# sike naw I kinda get wut ur sayin tho lol
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