[| -- THE DREAM & EMINEM on 106 & Park Today 6 PM EST (BET) -- |]


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Jun 26, 2002

- The Dream bringing the new joint with 'Ye.
- Electrik Red also on bringing a new joint.
- Em on for album promo celebrate his 1st week numbers.
Electrik Red

Terrance J in wheat Yeezys
After how Rocis complimented Em at the beginning, he's probably gonna smash after the show.
I haven't seen this show in MONTHS, it's been a long time. It's interesting to see some of the stuff that Eminem is saying.
I was rollin when he switch to Christopher Reeves on Medicine Ball

It was ill and so wrong at the same time
aww man my homeboys was in the step comp where can I watch the whole thing on bet.com?
Some of them Electrik Red girls look familiar. I know that latina lookin one been in some videos and commercials.
So I'm guessing it's a Def Jam week? Dream on today possibly Kanye tomorrow and Fab on Friday?
some post a video of it when it comes up, went to the gym didnt feel like waiting on this to come on
BET needs to start re-airing 106 at midnight or something, especially for the people on the west coast while the playoffs are going on.
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