The Fraser Place Condotel in Makati

thanks Jojo..

my cousin/kuya is looking to get it for me at a corporate rate through his company....hopefully it'll be a bit cheaper than the prices I saw online...ouch....they were expensive.

if not...then there was another condotel I stayed at there...not too bad...except for the 3 massive roaches I had to kill...and then the lock to the room got busted and they had to call a locksmith to break into the room. a night that was.

but yes I'm coming again next month for my friend's wedding in Boracay...and I'm giving myself some more time in Manila..

may I suggest a meet-up?...I'll be in Makati for 2 nights...and then 1 night on my way back.

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may I suggest a meet-up?

I can hook you up at The Linden Suites at very cheap rates. It's located in Ortigas though.

Just let me know if you're interested.

Linden Suites

It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
you have a great time dirty!
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I stayed at Fraser's Place for a night back in April. I highly recommend it. A bit pricey but the rooms are really nice.

I appreciate it.

if the other plans fall through I'll get in touch with you...

my girl wants to stay in Makati since the shopping is within walking distance from most of the hotels.

anytime, man.

It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
Cool man.

I was gonna suggest a place right next to the malls but I checked the map and Prince Plaza II is right next to Greenbelt 3/4 and Ayala Museum. Small number of shops but cool place to hang out at night. Lots of bars and restos there.

Glorietta Mall (1-4) is a 5-min walk from Greenbelt. Glorietta has hundreds of shops, including expensive designer brands inside Rustan's. Take the elevated walkway and pass through Landmark Mall.
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